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You helped me Lori with Essential Oils when I had  sinus head tension and no meds were working. I rubbed 2 drops of peppermint in my palms and inhaled, then rubbed it on my temples. About 2 minutes later I finally had relief! Seriously, EOs saved the day!

Moriah Bedient


Lori you have helped us soooo much!! When Bennett was just a few months old, he was under the weather, the Breathe oil helped him sleep comfortably! I use oils daily - my favorite being serenity on my feet at night. I love On Guard as a cleanser—especially the large bottle and laundry detergent. Lemon for sticker removal...I could keep going. Thank you for always being there when we need some oil help!

Amber Izzard

San Diego

I remember 2 years ago I was going through some health issues and you suggested I try frankincense and deep blue. Skeptical I gave them a try anyway and to my surprise I was slowly but surely getting better. We got the EO kit and for the whole year 2016 our family used the oils for relieving tension, muscle aches and cleansing the air we breathe. We’ve used lavender, peppermint and lemon when we camp to repel mosquitos. We’ve used Breathe for seasonal threats. None of us have been under the weather going on 2 years since the use of oils. These have been a great natural alternative to conventional OTC remedies. Mahalo Lori!

Paul Dagdag

Kona, Hawaii

I don't even know where to begin... you helped me get rid of my long term bladder pain, something I'd been dealing with for over a decade, all because of Lifelong Vitality! I'm so grateful!!

Kristine Jopski


I use Deep Blue and Frankincense for my sons sore muscles in his legs! I am so happy to have relief for my little guy!

Nicole Johansen


Wow everyone who knows me well knows I'm an oil addict! My Baby boy has not been to the Dr for feeling under the weather since the day I started using oils. It's been about one year now and we live on them. For sleep, head tension, sore muscles, cleaning, seasonal threats, happy blends, we use for all and so much more!!!!! You know I love you friend and I'm an oil mama for life!


Tara Van Sickle

San Diego

Life changer! Seeing in myself and kiddos that had anything from dry irritated skin to difficulty breathing vanish. Tried all the pills and inhalers. Essential oils changed our lives.

Audrey DeLisio

San Diego

Well where do I start lol my little was about 1.5 when I started using oils. Always under the weather but I didn't like to use medicine on her. So lori came into my life from a friend who swears by them. Now my little is 2 and happy to report that I can't remember the last time she wasn't feeling well, where it ruled our day. Basically because I catch anything brewing early with everyday immunity roller ball blend. Now I'm hooked I use slim and sassy for weight loss, lemon for cleaning spray, peppermint and breath for my diffuculty breathing. They are my life now!

Yvonne Balli

Yvonne Balli

San Diego

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